Tuesday, November 26, 2013

30 Days of Gratitude - Day Twenty-Six

Our life are full of plans. Meals. Social Activities. Chores. Shopping. Wardrobe. Yet, God makes it clear that we don't have control over our lives the way that we think we do and plans are often interrupted. Illness. Weather. Flakiness of others. Accidents. Dreaded death.

This week, I confess, I had and still have plans. It scared me to have such expectations, especially since the beginning of the month, I honestly thought my days of mobility were never going to be the same. As radiation progressed and I began to feel better, my plans grew bolder.

Today, I had planned to perhaps make my way to the beach, but when she asked me to if I wanted to go to breakfast and then go with her for the second part of her tattoo, I didn't hesitate. Plans can sometimes change and sometimes last minute plans are the best ones.

After all, spending time with loved ones is so much better than any other plan I can think of.

I'm thankful for last minute changes in life and the ability to just go with the flow.

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