Friday, November 29, 2013

30 Days of Gratitude - Day Twenty-Nine

Last Thanksgiving, I admit, I joined the millions of crazies who were conned into leaving the warmth of their house, ending the feelings of gratitude that were snug in our hearts and hitting the sales. There was just one store I was interested in and it's because there was a host of things on sale that I wanted to buy for others.

It ended a very good day on a bad note. I was hurting terribly. The store was much more crowded than I expected. The aisles were crammed, the lines were long, and let's face it, anyone out and about on such a mission may not be in their right mind.

This year, I decided to opt out of the experience, not just on Thursday evening, but Black Friday too. It is quite possible that I may not start my Christmas shopping until next weekend and forgo the whole shopping experience this whole weekend.

What I am planning to do is get out my little artificial Christmas Tree and put it up in the family warm where the warm glow of lights will bring the spirit of Christmas to my heart every time my eyes catch hold of the golden sparkle.

I'm also planning to pull out the Christmas mugs which is another favorite sign of mine that we've reach the Christmas Season. I love starting off my morning coffee in a red, gold, silver or blue Christmas mug that brings a Christmas Carol or some other Christmas memory to mind.

Now even though I'm forgoing the madness of Black Friday and all that comes with, I'm not forgoing the Christmas season. I'm an unabashed lover of this holiday and no one cursing commercialism or other aspects of the Christmas will bring it down for me.

Because to me it's about a Savior who was born in Bethlehem, swaddled in clothing who is came to save the world.

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