Wednesday, November 27, 2013

30 Days of Gratitude - Day Twenty-Seven

We say it all the time, "I can't believe how time has flown", but fly it did. It seems like just yesterday when I posted my first day of gratitude for the month, unsure of where the month would take me. At the time, this I was sure of, I didn't want the month to pass without intention as I waited for Thanksgiving. I knew that by finding things to be thankful for, that my days regardless of how I felt could be filled with great joy.

Also, there are some very special birthday's in November and I was praying that I would feel well enough to enjoy them, I mean really enjoy them, not just pretending to go through the motion, all the while praying that I can just get through them.

Suddenly, here we are at the eve of Thanksgiving and thankfulness overwhelms my heart. I am filled with confident hope. Confident hope that I will continue to grow stronger and get better. Confident hope that God is answering prayers, not just about my health, but the health of so many others that I know.

I am filled with gratitude over the confident hope that we can have in such a loving and caring God.

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